We keep industry moving.

SCHOLPP – The service provider for global industrial installations. Our range of services comprises dismantling and reinstallation, modernization, and commissioning of machines and complete production systems. And if you have a particularly unique request, we can handle that too.

SCHOLPP provides complete installation services, from mechanical installation and media installation to the installation of electrical systems and system electronics. In its over 60-year history, SCHOLPP has developed from a regional crane company to a global group. The secret to this success has been the customer focus of our employees, who turn our customers’ wishes into reality in an enthusiastic, friendly, competent, and timely manner. By successfully delivering projects above and beyond the expectations of our customers, we offer them freedom to move. With technology that surpasses every standard, you’ll be more than satisfied with our services.

The SCHOLPP philosophy: Thinking together. Working connected. Achieving goals.

As a service provider, we have branches around the world, so we can act and react quickly, wherever we’re required. 1,200 employees are on the job for you, performing almost 20,000 installations in 50 countries around the world every year. And our installation teams are just as diverse as our services and fields of work: speaking 20 languages between them, our employees are truly international.

Whether it’s a cleanroom, press shop, or printing shop, we know how to adapt quickly to the specific requirements of every sector so we can offer a complete custom solution. To achieve this, we transfer our experience from a wide range of application areas into new sectors, thereby also continuing to develop the expertise of our employees – whatever the sector, size of company, or project scope.

You may be wondering, is SCHOLPP a specialist or a generalist? That’s a tough one to answer, unless we can say both. That doesn’t have to be a contradiction; on the contrary, it’s an expression of our drive for perfection. Our corporate group works in highly specialized fields, with technical expertise and many years of experience, in order to master the challenges in your sector.

A technical solution for every requirement

The name SCHOLPP is synonymous with high-tech equipment on a scale that is unique within Europe. With our fleet of lifting gantries and transport vehicles worth over 30 million euros, we can guarantee you the best technology on the market for any situation. The key components are the lifting gantries in their various embodiments. Our innovative installation equipment also includes air-cushion technology, theodolites, and transport detectors. Our fleet of special equipment includes everything from aluminum portals, lifting gantries, and industrial cranes to measuring instruments, air-cushion technology, heavy-duty rollers, and accessories.

Our fundamental values to promote a great environment: respect, loyalty, and teamwork.

At SCHOLPP, quality and experience are quantifiable. The average company service of our employees is over 15 years, and their average age is 42. And the knowledge and innovative ability of our employees just keeps on growing. Our managers, installation managers, and specialist fitters are constantly undergoing further training. Our apprentices come up with fresh ideas while completing systematic programs designed to promote young talent. Our employees combine experience with team spirit, willingness, and the ambition to use the right equipment to get a good result when faced with particular challenges.

Nobody in politics, industry, or society knows what the future holds. We at SCHOLPP don’t know either. How can we find answers to the questions of tomorrow, when we don’t know what tomorrow’s problems are going to be? As an internationally active, medium-sized corporate group, we’re in a good position. We are ready to face whatever challenges come our way, in exactly the same way as we have done for the last 60-plus years: with diligence, with passion, and with the courage to start something new and make it a success.

SCHOLPP will continue to give well thought-out replies to the many and diverse questions we get from our customers. As tasks become ever more complex, SCHOLPP will create surprising solutions. As times change, SCHOLPP will not just keep pace, we will set the pace. In this way, we remain true to our motto: We keep industry moving.

Find out more at www.scholpp.com.